Travel Vloggers:

Vlogger, Talking About Vlogger Seems Adventurous To Us. The Word “Vlogger” Makes A Picture In Our Mind Where A Person Is Discovering Beauties Of Nature And Feeling Its Essence To The Core And Also Impel Us To Do the Same. As We Know That Youtube Is A Leading Platform In Social Media World Travelling Vlogs Are Much Popular In Foreign Countries But Now This Avidity Is Seeping In Youth Of Pakistan Also. Many Youngsters Are Joining This Field And Proving Their Worth Women Are Also Taking Part In This Revolution

  • Criteria Of Selection:

We have selected these vloggers not on the basis of personal likeness but have set some criteria.

  • Consistency Of Content
  • Quality Of Video Editing and Shooting
  • Way Of Story Telling
  • Number of Follower and Subscribers

Let’s Discover Now:

1-Irfan Junejo:

Irfan Junejo

A Man From Karachi Who Loves To Make Videos Started His YouTube Career 2 Years Ago And Now He Is The Leading Vlogger Of Pakistan. Irfan Has Proved Himself As A Quality Content Creator.

He Is Famous Because Of His Video Editing And Shooting.

His Dialogue “Scenes Kuch Esy Hein” Got So Viral That Every 2nd Person Is Using This Sentence in His Conversation and Daily Routine.

In His Interview Irfan Said He Want To Become A Director And Make Movies.

But In January 2020 He Uploaded A Video In Which He Said That He is not going to vlog anymore. He Further Said That He Is Quitting His Vlogging Career Because He Want To Enjoy His Personal Life.

Now He Have Launched His Second Channel ‘Irfan Junejo’ Which Is All About Gaming and Reached 299k Subscribers.

Some Information about Irfan Junejo:

  • Age: 29 Year Old
  • Born: Sep 6, 1990
  • City: Karachi
  • Spouse: Nabiha
  • YouTube Subscribers: 1M 
  • Instagram Followers: 500k
  • Facebook Followers: 329,515

2-Taimoor Salahudin Aka Mooroo:

Taimoor salahuddin

Taimoor Salahudin Is Famous By His Nick Name ‘Mooroo’.

In his Videos He Said That His Sister Could Not Pronounce His Name “Taimoor” And Used To Call Him “Mooro” Which Became His Stage Name.

Taimoor Is a Multi-Talented Person .He is A Singer, Writer, Rapper, Musician, You Tuber, and Travel Vlogger.

In Short He Is  a polymath.

Mooroo Started His Career As a Song Writer, Director And A Singer And Later On Continues His Life On These Fields He Also Got Nominated On Lux Style Awards 4 Times.

Mooroo Has Also Won The Youth Festival Award For Voice Of The Year.

His Way of Storytelling Is So Great and His Words Have A Long Lasting Impact on Viewers.

Taimoor also have gaming channel ‘Mooroo Gamez’ where he use to play different videos games.

Some Information about Mooro:

  • Age: — Year Old
  • Born: —
  • City: Lahore
  • Spouse: Eruj Hadi
  • Youtube Subscribers: 940K 
  • Instagram Followers: 320K
  • Facebook Followers: 567,214



Every Ones Favorite Umar Khan Who Also Known As “Ukhano” He Is A Professional Photographer, Travel Vlogger, Content Creator, And Video Director.

His Vlogging Videos Made Him Famous In A Short Period Of Time. Ukhano Is Master In Video Editing And Shooting. He Also Direct Different Commercial Video Ads.

Ukhano Is Also An Official Vlogger Of Peshawar Zalmi Team.

Some Information about Ukhano:

  • Age:  29year Old
  • Born: Feb 8, 1991
  • Birth Place: Fata
  • Residence: Lahore
  • Spouse: NO
  • Youtube Subscribers: 370K
  • Instagram Followers: 265K
  • Facebook Followers: 84,342

4-Abdul Wali (Flying To World):

abdul wal

A Guy From Karachi Who Use To Sell Biryani Then Later On Join The Internet And Started Teaching.

Abdul Started His Career on Internet as a Youtube Instructor His Channel Name Is Onlineustad.Com

He Started Blogging And Gain Position In Top 10 Pakistani Bloggers.

And Now He Is Traveling The World And Working On His You Tube Channel Flying To World.

Abdul Have Traveled More Than 62 Countries On Pakistani Passport.

He Said That

I Want To Visit 100 Countries On Pakistani Passport.

Abdul Wali Have Huge Number Of Following On His Youtube Channel.

Some Information about Abdul Wali:

  • Age : 32 Year Old
  • Born : 1988
  • Spouse: —
  • Youtube Subscribers: 425K
  • Instagram Followers: 8069
  • Facebook Followers: 16,220 

5-Art by Wasif:

art by wasif

Talented Pakistani Photographer Artist.

Most of the Vlogger Are Good in Videography But wasif have a Great Hand on Photo Editing.

Wasif Shares His Photographs With His Followers On Insta And Facebook.

He Is A Professional Wedding Photo And Video Maker But He Is Also Making Traveling Videos.

Wasif Have Huge Fan Following On His Youtube Channel And Still Growing.

Some Information About Wasif:

  • Age : —
  • Born : —
  • Residence: Lahore
  • Spouse: —
  • Youtube Subscribers: 91.3k
  • Instagram Followers: 62.7k
  • Facebook Followers: 98,506

6-Shariq Raza:

shariq raza

A Karachi Travel Vlogger Who Was Born In Abu Dhabi Shariq Raza Is An Emerging Talented Boy.

Shariq Have So Much Passion For Traveling.

He Have Traveled More Than 28+ Countries In His Travel Journey And Still Counting.

Shariq Have Great Number Of Following On His Youtube Channel.

Some Information about Shariq Raza:

  • Age :  26 Year Old
  • Born : —
  • Birth Place : Abu Dhabi
  • Residence: Sydney
  • Spouse: —
  • Youtube Subscribers: 26.6k
  • Instagram Followers: 5991
  • Facebook Followers: 4,724

7- Bilal Azam:

bilal azam

Chemical Engineer by education and a Travel Vlogger by Profession.

Bilal Azam Quit His Engineering Job To Follow His Profession. He Is Traveling The World For Many Years And He Have Traveled More Than 19 Countries and Still Counting.

Bilal Have A Great Number Of Fan Following On Youtube And Still Growing.

Some Information about Bilal Azam:

  • Age : —
  • Born :—-
  • Residence: Lahore
  • Spouse:—
  • Youtube Subscribers: 74.9k
  • Instagram Followers: 5892
  • Facebook Followers: 19373 

8-Jahanzaib Zia:

jehanzeb zia

Jahanzaib Zia Is Travel Vlogger From Lahore. He Is Traveling the World for Many past Years

Jahanzaib Is Consistently Uploading His Content On His Youtube Channel.

A Very Talented and Hard Working Vlogger.

Some Information about Jhanzaib Zia:

  • Age :  —-
  • Born : —-
  • Residence: Lahore
  • Spouse: —-
  • Youtube Subscribers: 21.3k
  • Instagram Followers: 650
  • Facebook Followers: 1750

9- Hafsa Asad:

hafsa asad

Hafsa Is A Travel Vlogger From Karachi. She Started Her Youtube Career In 2018.

She Is Talented And Very Energetic Girl.

In Our Country it’s Very Hard for Girls to Join This Field but She Is Doing Great.

Hafsa Asad is doing a great job of promoting Pakistan tourism and spreading the message that Pakistan is a safe place to travel for Girls.

Some Information about Hafsa Asad:

  • Age:  —
  • Born: —
  • Residence: Karachi
  • Youtube Subscribers: 14.6k
  • Instagram Followers: 9275
  • Facebook Followers: 1090

10-Pir Faraz Ali:


Content Creator and a Travel Vlogger from Karachi. He Is Also A Travel Guide.

Faraz Joined Youtube In 2010 But He Is Uploading His Content For Last 3 Years.

He Is A Very Talented Guy With Great Camera And Editing Skills.

Faraz Have Also Worked With Irfan Junejo On Some Projects.

His Channel Is Still On Growing Stage.

Some Information about Pir Faraz Ali:

  • Age:  —
  • Born: —
  • Residence: Karachi
  • Spouse: —
  • Youtube Subscribers: 11.2k
  • Instagram Followers: 24.6k
  • Facebook Followers: 8917 People

Thank you for giving your precious time learning these legends 😊


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