Just After The Tik Tok App Got Banned In Pakistan Many People Started Sharing Their Opinions On Social Media Accounts About The Ban Of The App.

Many Peoples Are Saying That’s It’s A Good Decision And Many Are Saying It’s Wrong To Ban The App.

Reacting To The Ban, Tiktok Star Jannat Mirza Said  That “I Haven’t Achieved 10m Followers In A Day. It Took A Lot Of Hard Work And Time To Achieve This Milestone But It Has Been Wasted Bcz Of Few People

Tiktok Stars Put In A Lot Of Time And Effort While Creating Their Content. Many People May Not Agree With It, But There Are Millions of People  Who Do And Are Entertained By It.

PTA Blocks Tik Tok in Pakistan:

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has banned the app TikTok in the country on 9 oct 2020.

The authority has decided in view of “complaints” and the “nature of the content being consistently posted on TikTok App”, as PTA issued a “final notice” to the app.

pta ban tik tok
Pta Press Release

Tik Tok Stars Reaction:

Tik Tok Stars Also Updated Their Status To Share The Feelings And Reaction.

  • Jannat Mirza Is Currently In Japan And She Said That:

  • Alishba Anjum Also Posted A Video Of Her Saying “ Tik Tok Nahi Rahy” in a Funny way:

  • Umer Butt Also Updated His Instagram Story:

  • Ali Khan hyderabadi Also Updated His Status In an Emotional Way Asking His Fans To Use VPN:

  • Ali But Said That Its Just Temporary, Tik Tok Will Come Back:

  • Mlehrasib also advised his followers to use VPN and said that this is a temporary ban.

What Do You Think About This Ban? Should This Ban Continue Or Not?

Share Your Opinions And Thoughts.

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