Nisha Rao-Pakistan’s First-Ever Transgender Lawyer

Nisha Rao:

Nisha Rao is a first-ever transgender lawyer who started her journey to fulfill her dreams which were riddled with discrimination, humiliation, and insensitivity.
Nisha Rao is 28 years old and now she fights the cases of people and other transgenders.
Nisha is from Lahore where she completed her matric degree but due to family torture and physical abuse she moved to Karachi. Where she spent her 10 years begging and studying. Nisha completed her law degree from Sindh Muslim law college in 2018.

In an interview, Nisha said that” from my childhood, I used to sit in the madrassa with the girls and recite the Quran. And I used to wear a headscarf and lipstick. But due to these things. I was often beaten by my family.

When she could not bear the physical torture more she stole her father’s salary and came to Karachi. In Karachi, she stayed at her guru’s house. Where she spend stayed for 1 and a half months but guru was also poor so she has to arrange something for herself.
Nisha said “ I did not know how to dance and I did not want to do anything else so they forced me to beg.
Nisha further said that “ I was very sad that I was begging, I did not have an id card for that reason no one hired me. But I did not give up.

Further said. The police used to speak to transgenders in a very wrong tone and often abused.
A teacher of Nisha advised her to become a lawyer “ then you would not need to be afraid of anyone the police will be afraid of you
Then the journey of her advocacy began. She graduated from Karachi University. Nisha Rao said” I’m proud that I completed my education journey with my transgender identity”
Nisha said a lot of things have changed In my life over the past few years and the most prominent and important that her relatives started treating her with respect.

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